It’s happening right in your own backyard! Maybe you’ve seen them behind a restaurant or in an alley or park.  Feral (wild) cats live everywhere, forming colonies wherever they find scraps of food and a bit of shelter, be it in dumpsters or under a boardwalk.  Tens of millions of feral cats now live in the U.S.

Reduce overpopulation and homelessness of feral cats living in Manatee County through our Trap-Neuter-Return Program. The usual animal control solution isn’t a solution.  

There is a solution that not only reduces feral cat populations, but also improves the lives of the feral cats.  Trap-Neuter-Return.  TNR is a proven procedure in which entire colonies of stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated, ear tipped and spayed/neutered by veterinarians.  Kittens and tame cats are adopted into good homes.  Adult cats too wild to be adopted are returned to live out their lives under the watch of voluntary caregivers.

TNR Works – The breeding stops.  Populations are gradually reduced.  The annoying behaviors of breeding cats, like howling or spraying, stop. The cats are vaccinated against disease, and they are fed on a regular schedule.  This ongoing care creates a safety net for both cats and the community.  

Approximately 6,000 pets are put down in Manatee County each year.  This heartbreaking problem is only compounded by lack of awareness regarding spaying and neutering pets.  Through community education and spay/neuter assistance programs GSAL hopes to decrease the number of homeless animals generated in Manatee County.

Gulf Shore Animal League is available to present a TNR educational program upon request.  Workplaces, schools, civic groups, religious organizations, etc. are all welcome.

To request a program: or 941-747-2284